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We are Ted and Lynne. We are a family-run business based in the beautiful town of Malton in North Yorkshire.

The best part of a Sunday roast is the leftovers; crispy roast potatoes stolen from the fridge, bubble and squeak made from the veg, leftover chicken and stuffing wrapped up in a cold Yorkshire pudding and snaffled during Antiques Roadshow!

In January 2017, Ted decided to take our family chicken dinner leftovers one step further and invented a completely new dish – a Yorkshire Pudding Pie! It looked like a traditional pie, but instead of pastry, he used Yorkshire pudding.

It was surprisingly tasty so he experimented with a variety of fillings including sausage and red onion marmalade, smoked salmon and scrambled egg, chicken and chorizo and savoury mince, some more successful than others. Our feedback on these newly invented Yorkshire Pudding Pies was unanimous, they were delicious! Combining pies AND Yorkshire pudding and adding a variety of locally-sourced fillings, was genius. Why had no-one done it before?!

It took months of experimenting to create a pie which held together, had the right balance of pudding and filling and wasn’t soggy. Ted discovered that replacing pastry with Yorkshire pudding batter made a lighter eat and avoided the saturated fat of normal pastry pies.

We quickly protected the concept so it couldn’t be copied and The Yorkshire Pudding Pie Company was born.

We’re proud of where we’re from so we use amazing Yorkshire ingredients including Wagyu beef from Pocklington, outdoor reared pork for the sausages from Ripon and Pickering, chicken and milk fresh from the dairy in Driffield and free range eggs from Hunmanby for the batter.

We have lots of recipes but our customer’s favourites are the Yorkshire Wagyu cheeseburger pie which has been given the thumbs up from Michelin-starred Yorkshire chef Tommy Banks! Other popular fillings include Sausage & Red Onion Marmalade, Wagyu Steak, Chicken Curry, Sunday Lunch, Shepherds pie and Cheesy leek & potato to name but a few however, the choices are endless. We have also introduced our first sweet filling to the menu. 

We never stop developing new fillings, so watch this space!

We will be out and about selling our pies, keep an eye on our events page to see where we are going.