Weekly giveaway - spreading the Puddie™ Love

Do you know someone that is Puddie Lovely who deserves a free box of pies?

Have they done something amazing, do they just need a little 'pick me up' or are they just an all round 'good egg'?

For every order placed from 12pm Tuesday 14th April you have the chance to nominate someone to received a free box of Puddies™. Whatever they have done no matter how big or small, each week we will send someone that has been nominated a box of pies.

Simply email us with your order number and say who and why you are nominating that person. And if it's ok with the people involved we will give them a big shout out on our social media.


We will be continuing to produce our Puddies™ throughout this next lockdown and shipping out nationwide.

We are regularly changing and adding new fillings. We have just changed the chicken filling to a very delicious chicken curry and the Sunday lunch filling to pork instead of turkey as Christmas is well and truly over.

Free local delivery. For all other delivery information see the delivery information page on the menu.

Any enquiries about trade supply please email or call us for a chat 01653 697590

What is a Yorkshire Pudding Pie?

It’s a Puddie™, the world’s first, original, one & only pie made with Yorkshire pudding, not pastry. Packed with good ingredients, it’s what makes them proper tasty.

Hand-crafted in Yorkshire, in small batches & stuffed
to the gunnels with the best, locally sourced ingredients.

We care about farming and where our ingredients come from. We source most of our ingredients locally, our cattle, pigs & chickens are outdoor reared, with the highest welfare standards.

Makes every day feel like Sunday.

Proper Tasty, The Pie Without Pastry